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#!/usr/bin/env osascript
# com.cocolog-nifty.quicktimer.icefloe
use AppleScript version "2.8"
use framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions

property refMe : a reference to current application

set appFileManager to refMe's NSFileManager's defaultManager()
set ocidURLsArray to (appFileManager's URLsForDirectory:(refMe's NSApplicationDirectory) inDomains:(refMe's NSSystemDomainMask))
set ocidApplicationDirPathURL to ocidURLsArray's firstObject()
set ocidPlistPathURL to ocidApplicationDirPathURL's URLByAppendingPathComponent:("Font Book.app/Contents/Resources/Multipreview.loctable")
set listPlistDict to refMe's NSDictionary's alloc()'s initWithContentsOfURL:(ocidPlistPathURL) |error|:(reference)
set ocidPlistDict to (item 1 of listPlistDict)
set ocidAllKey to ocidPlistDict's allKeys()
set ocidArrayM to refMe's NSMutableArray's alloc()'s initWithCapacity:(0)
ocidArrayM's addObjectsFromArray:ocidAllKey
set listLoctable to (ocidAllKey as list)
set strName to (name of current application) as text
if strName is "osascript" then
  tell application "Finder" to activate
  tell current application to activate
end if
  set listResponse to (choose from list listLoctable with title "選んでください" with prompt "言語を選んでください" default items (item 1 of listLoctable) OK button name "OK" cancel button name "キャンセル" without multiple selections allowed and empty selection allowed) as list
on error
log "エラーしました"
return "エラーしました"
end try
if (item 1 of listResponse) is false then
return "キャンセルしました"
end if
set strResponse to (item 1 of listResponse) as text
set ocidLangDict to ocidPlistDict's objectForKey:(strResponse)
set strSampleString to (ocidLangDict's valueForKey:("FB_SAMPLE_STRING")) as text
set aliasIconPath to POSIX file "/System/Applications/Font Book.app/Contents/Resources/AppIcon.icns"

set strMes to ("FB_SAMPLE_STRING 戻り値です") as text
set recordResult to (display dialog strMes with title "FB_SAMPLE_STRING" default answer strSampleString buttons {"クリップボードにコピー", "キャンセル", "OK"} default button "OK" cancel button "キャンセル" giving up after 20 with icon aliasIconPath without hidden answer)

if button returned of recordResult is "クリップボードにコピー" then
    set strText to text returned of recordResult as text
    set appPasteboard to refMe's NSPasteboard's generalPasteboard()
    set ocidText to (refMe's NSString's stringWithString:(strText))
appPasteboard's clearContents()
appPasteboard's setString:(ocidText) forType:(refMe's NSPasteboardTypeString)
  on error
    tell application "Finder"
      set the clipboard to strTitle as text
    end tell
  end try
end if



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